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If you’re headed on a particularly cold journey into the elements, you’ll want to make sure you have the absolute warmest materials available. While there are many parkas on the market today that will keep you plenty warm in standard conditions, only a few jackets can truly stand up to the elements when it gets particularly difficult. Facing a snow storm or strong winter conditions, our editors recommend the following parkas for ensure that you stay completely warm:

Arc Teryx Theta
For those who are familiar with extreme camping and climbing, Arc Teryx is a well known brand. Its jackets are designed from Gore Tex and feature impressive multi-layer shells which hold up well against wind, sleet, snow and other elements. Comprised of a thin, synthetic fabric that is light and provides superior insulation, the jacket is fully reinforced at the seems to ensure full insulation at all times. An included hood integrates easily into climbing helmets, and also provides a water tight seal against the elements. With gusseted arms, you can ensure flexibility even though you’re bundles up, making the parka idea for those who want freedom and warmth.

Mountain Hardwear Typhoon
A layered jacket that can stand up to the most adverse conditions, the Pac Lite shell is fully sealed against the elements. Its flexible structure ensures that you have freedom of movement at all times, while also providing freedom of movement for those who are climbing. Mesh pockets provide valuable storage for essentials while secure velcro closures will keep the jacket sealed when you need it.

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