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Preparing for Winter Camping

For those getting reading for a winter campaign excursion, it’s crucial to make sure you take extra steps to ensure your warmth. During a winter trek, you body will lose heat through a variety of ways, so you’ll need to ensure you are fully insulated throughout the trip.

Thermal insulation will help your body retail head throughout, ensuring that your body temperature doesn’t fall below normal levels, no matter how cold it is outside. Each layer that you wear, from jackets to pants, should have a high level of insulation, based on materials that retain heat.

The best parkas are made with a combination of natural and synthetic materials, which act in concert to keep you as warm as possible. By layering up, you are able to get the best possible heat retention throughout your body. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that your head and feet are well insulated, as those extremes of your body tend to be areas of potential heat loss (and retention.)

Always map out your trip in advance, making sure your backpack is full with everything that you would need. Natural can be unpredictable, so bring emergency communication supplies in case you run into trouble.

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