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North Face Parkas

Known for its weather-beating parkas and jackets, North Face produces some of the warmest designs on the market. Its new Redpoint Optimus lined Parka provides a new generation of insulation, while maintaining its lightweight design. Athletes, hikers and everyday citizens will enjoy the comfort and technology that went into producing the new North Face designs.

Thew new parkas feature an impressive Prima Loft insulation system, which utilizes patented synthetic material that is quite warm. While the jackets retail for an expensive price, upwards of $200, they are well worth it for those who frequent the harsh elements. You can often find models discounted from last season, especially during the warmer months. Always look on-line for the best deals and wait for specials from your favorite retailer, as well as doing your research in advance of your purchase.

Prima Loft is comprised of unique microfibers that repeal water and keep in heat, resulting in one of the warmest parkas on the market, while maintaining a light weight design that is invaluable on the trails. Whether you are hiking, skiing or just want to stay warm, North Face is one of the top choices on the market today.

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