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Mountain Hardwear Parkas

Designed for extreme climbing and suitable for everyday use, the Mountain Hardwear insulated Compressor Parkas are light weight, comfortable and warm. Designed with impressive Prima Loft synthetic materials, the jackets provide important insulation layers against the elements, while weighing less than a single pound!

The newest generation of the Compressor jacket is available in sizes up to XXL, and is compressible for easy storage during trips. The lightweight design is supplemented with patented synthetic materials which will keep you warm. A special quilt design optimizes the jacket for warmth, while a fleece-lined interior will keep you warm at all times.

Adjustments are easy with patented draw-cord technology and a micro-chamois china guard, which eliminates zipper interference. Complete with water-proof technology, the Jacket is ideal for camping and everyday use. If you need impressive warmth and a jacket that will last years, consider investing in this compressor jacket, which features the latest technology.

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