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Columbia Winter Parkas

Columbia, which became famous with its series of commercials featuring its impressive coverage in sub-zero temperatures, has released a new series of Double Track Parkas. The company is known for its innovative designs, and the new series of parkas continue in that tradition. Omnitech is specially designed to provide insulation that keeps your try, no matter the conditions. Our tests showed that the waterproofing is both effective and breathable, a great combination for hikers.

The new series features water proof Titanium designs, which are able to repel water, while also providing a breathable shell. Well known for keeping athletes and hikers warm in the most difficult of conditions, the new Parka comes with a double-lined system that allows for flexibility across seasons.

In sizes from Small to XXL, the Parka is made with a nylon Moni Tech shell, and lined with a polyester-mesh weave which will keep your warm in all conditions. With its flexible structure, the parka has a removable hood, an adjustable cord, as well as extra secure storage for identification and other necessities. As a result, it’s ideal for the coldest winter treks.

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