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Burton Snow Parkas

Designed for snowboarders but suitable for all winter adventures, Burton offers a complete line of athletic parkas that are stylish and will keep you warm under adverse conditions. Burton began as a skateboarding company and expanded into snowboarding, offering a complete line of Jackets and styles for all seasons.

Their top winter parka is the AK 3L line, designed for extreme weather conditions. While the parkas are expensive, they deliver world class performance which will make a large difference when confronted with the elements. A stitch-free design, the jacket is make to ensure complete insulation and durability for years to come. Available in many colors and styles, each Continuum parka features a Gore-Tex shell and Gore-Seam taped seams which ensure complete insulation at all times.

The entire jacket is water resistant, including the seams, edges and zippers, providing an insulated fit that is ideal for snow and winter conditions. The jackets fit comfortable and offer superior flexibility for the slopes or snow conditions, ensuring you can enjoy your winter adventures without worry.

Patagonia Adventure Parkas

With premium materials and designs, Patagonia’s parkas offer superior comfort and warmth for outdoor adventures. Their newest line improves on previous generation technology, introducing attractive designs and color options, along with improving on the flexibility of the jackets.

Climbers love the Patagonia style and design, which is designed to ensure that they remain warm on the fiercest cliffs known to man. Designed for alpine climbing, the jackets hold up well under all conditions, with reinforced triple layers and flexible storage options. Weighing just 550 grams, the lightweight jackets feature impressive features and options so you can be prepared no matter what nature throws your way.

For those heading into wet environments, the Guidewater jacket by Patagonia offers superior designs engineered for warmth and comfort. The new trip player nylon design is sleek, attractive and functional, making it ideal for winter trips, cold water rafting and winter fishing adventures. Lined with internal fleece and offering multiple pockets, you will be prepared for your next water adventure.

Marmot Lined Parkas

Known for their impressive winter wear, Marmot has introduced a new series of winter parkas this year which provide improvements over their traditional technology. While Marmot jackets are a bit more expensive, they provide superior performance and results, which makes them well worth the investment for those who are frequent winter adventurers or live in cold climates.

The first new jacket from marmot is the Alpinist, their new top of the line model. The parka is made form a patented Gore Tex Pro shell which is designed to stand up to extreme weather conditions, while ensuring water proof designs and a breathable shell. Available in sizes up to XL, the jacket is made with 100% nylon and features a patented Angel Wing design which allows for complete freedom of movement. The parka can fit over layered fleece, allowing you to further layer against strong conditions, while the draw chords provide adjustable structures. You can even integrate a helmet and various storage options with relative ease, while the complete water resistant design will keep the elements out.

Another new hooded parka available in up to size XXL is the Marmot Troll Wall jacket, which is a trip player design that is ideal for winter adventures. Made in multiple colors, the flexible jacket is designed to ensure full flexibility and functions while keeping you fully warm at all times. Ideal for hikers, backpackers, climbings and winter adventurers, the Troll Wall is a great jacket for all extreme weather conditions.

Lands End Parkas

Lands End makes two impressive parkas, which are designed for optimal warmth throughout the seasons. Known for their impressive designs and warm structures, Land’s End jackets feature complete insulation systems throughout to keep you warm.

One of our favorite jackets is the Windfall Squall parka, which features waterproof Dri-Off finish and Polar Thin insulation system. The outer shell has a patented Aqua Check seal, which keeps out moisture and keeps in warmth. Rated for weather as cold as 5 degrees Fahrenheit, the jacket is layered for all season use. Made from 100% nylon with impressive storage options, it’s great for everyday use and extreme weather conditions.

For those looking for a multi-season jacket, look no further than the Weatherly Jacket by Lands End. With impressive weather-proofing technology, the jacket is fully adjustable and features a layered design for maximum warmth. A complete 150-gram insulation system will keep you warm in the most adverse conditions.

If you’re looking for a durable, versatile Parka for all seasons that can hold up in extreme weather, consider investing in a Land’s End jacket. We strongly recommend looking for the products off-season, as you can find great discounts on last year’s models and designs.

Mountain Hardwear Parkas

Designed for extreme climbing and suitable for everyday use, the Mountain Hardwear insulated Compressor Parkas are light weight, comfortable and warm. Designed with impressive Prima Loft synthetic materials, the jackets provide important insulation layers against the elements, while weighing less than a single pound!

The newest generation of the Compressor jacket is available in sizes up to XXL, and is compressible for easy storage during trips. The lightweight design is supplemented with patented synthetic materials which will keep you warm. A special quilt design optimizes the jacket for warmth, while a fleece-lined interior will keep you warm at all times.

Adjustments are easy with patented draw-cord technology and a micro-chamois china guard, which eliminates zipper interference. Complete with water-proof technology, the Jacket is ideal for camping and everyday use. If you need impressive warmth and a jacket that will last years, consider investing in this compressor jacket, which features the latest technology.