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Burton Snow Parkas

Designed for snowboarders but suitable for all winter adventures, Burton offers a complete line of athletic parkas that are stylish and will keep you warm under adverse conditions. Burton began as a skateboarding company and expanded into snowboarding, offering a complete line of Jackets and styles for all seasons.

Their top winter parka is the AK 3L line, designed for extreme weather conditions. While the parkas are expensive, they deliver world class performance which will make a large difference when confronted with the elements. A stitch-free design, the jacket is make to ensure complete insulation and durability for years to come. Available in many colors and styles, each Continuum parka features a Gore-Tex shell and Gore-Seam taped seams which ensure complete insulation at all times.

The entire jacket is water resistant, including the seams, edges and zippers, providing an insulated fit that is ideal for snow and winter conditions. The jackets fit comfortable and offer superior flexibility for the slopes or snow conditions, ensuring you can enjoy your winter adventures without worry.

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